Kimiko’s Date With Gumby and a Horse

At first glance, this picture might make you say, “That’s a pretty bad picture.” It was taken during Kimiko Date-Krumm’s three set loss against Agnieszka Radwanska after Date hit – as the sign in the background indicates – a super shot. Let’s just call the match the “Give us your tired, your old, your hobbled” match. It had many old-school WTA elements including the devious tactics Radwanska utilized: calling for a trainer while down 1-4 in the third. Sorry, I’m just not buying injuries out of the blue at that stage of the match. Kimiko said it best, “But always play out to find out how to win. So she took the medical timeout. Is not illegal to get medical timeout, so it’s no problem.” Well said, Kimiko.

But the crowd was really a lot of fun out there on court 6. Mostly Japanese, they politely chanted throughout the match “Nippon!” There was also a small Polish group of fans who screamed “Radwanska!” and “Agnieska!” But the reason I enjoyed this match are the two characters in the second row. Look closely and you’ll see them. I’ll give you politely rowdy Japanese fans, excitable Polish fans, face painting, flag waving, sign holding fans. But Gumby and a horse? What does it mean?

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One Response to Kimiko’s Date With Gumby and a Horse

  1. The Baumer says:

    That reminds of the line from “Back to School” when Rodney confronts his cheating wife with incriminating photos:

    “There’s you, there’s Giorgio…what’s with the midget?”

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