Madhitter in Melbourne; Baumer on Couch

Hey Baumer,
I resisted the urge to say G’day. You can thank me latter. I’m still excited about Petra Kvitova’s play last night. How exciting to watch a close match on the WTA end – with a service hold!! It really made my night. I hope that doesn’t come across as tragic as it sounds. Of course the headlines today weren’t so nice to Stosur. “Oops I Did It Again” was The Age; “Sam’s Sorry Exit” in the Herald Sun. I felt sorry for Sam. Whenever Rennae Stubbs did the post match on-court interview, she would announce, “This is your year, Sam!” That really can’t help. And then last night the camera repeatedly showed Sam’s mom looking worried but keeping her chin up. Not only are you disappointing your country, you’re doing it in front of your mom! Although she lost, I think the sense was Kvitova played well and Sam gave it her all – it just wasn’t good enough. The Australians really seem to like Stosur; I’m yet to run into a single person who has said anything decent about Lleyton Hewitt, however. “He’s such a bogan,” is the requisite response. That’s pretty much a “redneck” to you and me. And although I’m sure Sam felt alone last night after failing to make it into the fourth round, it couldn’t have been worse than her typical evening at home. This commercial has been on quite a bit over the past weeks. It’s for Healthy Choice frozen meals and definitely made me feel the isolation of playing professional tennis. I hope Kvitova’s night at home was a little more enjoyable. I’ll catch you later. I’m heading out to watch another woman’s match between two players who must be feeling some serious pressure to deliver on the big stage: Na Li vs. Victoria Azarenka. I hope we see a few holds.
Catch you later,

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