Even Drunk People Know Caroline Wozniacki

Need proof Melbourne is the best slam city? Last night I went to Federation Square to catch the Federer/Djokovic semifinal. I just now realized I watched Fed at Fed Square. Anyhow, that white light is the match and there were about ten times more people watching than are visible in the shot. Who needs a ticket when you can hang out by the river, have a few drinks and watch a match with a lively crowd?
But the clincher for best slam city happened after the match. I had a few drinks and around 2 a.m. on my walk home I passed the devil: Hungry Jacks. Or, Burger King to you and me. I went in for a cheeseburger and took the shot below. Apart from the drunk guy passed out at his table, the rest of the people in the place were watching a taped match of the Wozniacki/Li semifinal match played earlier in the day. I heard one drunk guy slur, “There’s the hot Danish girl.” A taped women’s semi? And people knew a player’s nationality? In Hungry Jacks at 2 in the morning? It’s enough to make a grown man cry.

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