Justine’s Awesome Adventure

It was beautiful. It was an adventure. It was a dream. It was lucky charms and rainbows and elves and lollipops. And if you blinked, you missed her. But then she was back. And if you blinked again, she again was gone. It was Justine Henin-Hardenne-Henin.
Yeah, I read the goodbye letter. Creeped. Me. Out. What’s up with this line to her fans: “And if I only regret one thing, this would be that I’ve protected myself too hard and that I couldn’t stand closer to you.”
Really? Stick to message boards and twitter, Justine. Or, in the words of Stevie Nicks: Stand back.
And then the letter’s final line? “See you soon, anywhere.”
What does that even mean?
I keep hearing, “But she was the little engine that could!”
How about the “Little Enigmatic that could – if she felt like it.”
Sorry, but two “Dear John” letters just don’t do it for me.
Her return to the tour was sort of like Santa’s little helper for a few women on tour over the past year.
Present for Mary Jo Fernandez! I’m not playing Fed Cup!!
Present for Kim Clijsters! Here’s three victories to move ahead of me in the rivalry!
Present for Sam Stosur! Take my clay court title! Can’t work my magic to have you win the French, though.
Present for Gisela Dulko: A story for your grandkids.
Ditto for Svetlana Kuznetsova
Present for Serena: You can have Melbourne; I’ll always have Paris.
Not sure if there were any presents for Pierre Yves or Amelie Mauresmo. Oh wait, she gave them a couple the first time around.
Bye Justine. See you jumping out of the air. Or on Dancing With The Stars. Or in Vegas with Celine. Or Somewhere. Anywhere. Soon.

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