Baumer on Couch Texting Madhitter in Melbourne

The Baumer: Who do you like tonight?

Madhitter: Hoping for Li but my gut says Clijsters.

TB: Feels like it.

MH: I like it when they say “Li Leads.” Clijsters is mean.

TB: Why? She’s everybody’s sweetheart.

MH: Did you see those strange tweets from Oracene?

TB: No. Do tell.

MH: First, she tweets, “Can someone tell me who is in the women’s final?” Kind of odd, right? Then she says she hopes Na isn’t too tired to win. OK, she has a favorite, no harm done. Someone asks her why and she says she doesn’t like “dubious” people. Not sure what’s so dubious.

TB: Does that go back to that Palm Springs nonsense?

MH: Hadn’t thought of that. I was thinking more recent stuff like U.S. Open default. Or, maybe she confused Kim with Justine and was still thinking about Roland Garros.

TB: Odd mixup for a coach to make.

MH: Well, she did say Kvitova is the future.

TB: Kiss of death.

MH: I know. Poor Petra.

TB: Win or lose, is Clijsters now number one?

MH: No, Woz making the semis clinched the top spot. It can’t be long, though.

TB: Is the winner of the men’s final number 2?

MH: Nope, apparently it is close but Fed keeps 2.

TB: I’m talking perception. Rankings are convoluted.

MH: Think Murray will win?

TB: I kind of don’t. I think Murray should, and that usually means the other guy does. I think the match has a chance of having the most tortured looks from the friends’ boxes in history.

MH: Well, Novak should have Ana in there.

TB: Wintour?

MH: Great way to piss Roger off – again.

TB: Did you see some cheesy bikini shots Ivanovic just put up on the web?

MH: Missed those.

TB: They scream: I may suck now, but you should still pay attention to me.
I want Sean Connery back at Murray’s matches.

MH: I’d like to see Sean and Judy in a knife fight.

TB: Judy looks crafty with a blade.

MH: I think she could take Sean.

TB: Ok, enjoy the matches. G’day.

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