Roddick Refuses to “Just Go With It”

“I don’t do chick flicks.” So proclaimed Andy Roddick fresh off winning his 30th career singles title in Memphis on Sunday. Roddick was responding to a press conference question asking for his opinion of the movie “Just Go With It” which co-stars his wife, Brooklyn Decker. Despite opening last week to lackluster reviews, the film still managed to be the top-grossing movie in the country; its second week in theaters wasn’t as productive, dropping to fourth place.

When pressed further about how he could skip his wife’s star turn Roddick said: “Look if I wanted to see my wife do cartwheels in a two-piece on a beach, I’d fly her down to the Caribbean. Besides, I swore off [Adam] Sandler movies after “Funny People.” Did any of you endure that snoozer? Talk about false advertising. I laughed like three times. It wasn’t even a good plane movie. And I just don’t get the fascination with Seth Rogen. When I want to laugh at a chubby nerd I’ll wait for James Blake to retire and pack on 20 pounds.”

Roddick was coming off a thrilling three-set victory over rising star, Milos Raonic. He seemed a little agitated that questions in the press conference were focusing more on his refusal to see his wife’s film than the match he had just won. “I don’t care if it seems insensitive to you,” Roddick barked at one reporter. “I realize Brooklyn shows up to a lot of my matches. But she also refuses to watch me play on clay. She says my performances are pretty shallow and derivative of a genuine baseliner.”

Roddick was insistent that his stance on romantic comedies should not be construed as any sort of petty jealousy of his wife’s Hollywood success, but rather a personal code. “What’s so hard to understand? It’s just a way of life for me – like being kosher. If you never want to know the joys of a perfectly fried bacon, egg and cheese sandwich, that’s your right. I don’t want to be subjected to humorless, idiotic storylines – my wife would never date a nebbish who looks like Sandler – with syrupy endings. Now if Brook gets a part in an “X-Men” movie or a Will Ferrell vehicle, I’ll happily part with my $11. But I won’t go against my principles and contribute to this ongoing nightmare. I’d rather get coached by [Brad] Gilbert again.”

Before the presser ended, Roddick received one last question on the topic: Are there movies he enjoys less than chick flicks? After a few moments of thought he responded: “Yeah. Any Wimbledon highlight reel from the past ten years. Those should all be burned.”

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3 Responses to Roddick Refuses to “Just Go With It”

  1. Sis says:

    Many thanks for this! Roddick is gut-bustingly hilarious and candid.

    Oh, and have to say, loved his dogged fight against Raonic. Remarkable. Not the most stylish of tennis players, but man, does he compete!

  2. sally says:

    andy is getting bald. no wonder he wears that ridiculous hat all the time.

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