Bethanie Mattek-Sands Popular With Seniors

South Florida emptied its independent living communities today for Bethanie Mattek Sand’s second round match against top seed Caroline Wozniacki. Apparently Mattek-Sands has become something of a fashion icon with the senior community that extends from Delray Beach to Miami. It seems her trademark socks have been interpreted as compression stockings.

“I used to say the stockings were better than varicose veins but I was still embarrassed to wear them in public,” said Syl Weinstein. “With Bethanie, it’s just really a celebration!”

“She’s just delightful,” commented Syl’s friend.

“I met her after the match,” said Hannah Bernstein while applying lipstick. “I told her, ‘It’s a good thing I ate because you’re so delicious I would take a bite out of you.’”

“Fabulous. Just fabulous,” echoed a group from Boca Raton.

Not all the comments were positive, however.

“She didn’t play so well today, my husband joked that her initials were BM for a reason,” said one woman who wished to remain anonymous for fear of identify theft.

“Such a pretty girl, so terrible she already suffers with varicose veins,” mentioned another fearful senior.

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