Martina Navratilova is a Psychic!

Since it had been a few weeks since Martina Navratilova last expressed what was on her mind, she decided to share her feelings about the current state of tennis.

“Roger is on the other side of the float, I don’t think he’ll ever play as well as he did three or four years ago,” she told a stunned reporter.

But she didn’t stop there.

She predicted Novak Djokovic would be the player to watch in 2011, Andy Murray would blame his box for all future losses, Agnes Szavay would rise to number one in the world, logos on umpires and ballkids would replace shirts altogether, Rogaine would become the ATP tour sponsor, somewhere in the world a ten year old girl would become number one someday, if Venus and Serena would just “get to the net” they could finally shut down the WTA, Pam Shriver would reference herself during her courtside commentary and she was fairly certain one of her ex-partners would try to sue her again.

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3 Responses to Martina Navratilova is a Psychic!

  1. Sean M. says:

    I love your blog David, and I would love for Martina’s predictions to come true except the Szavay part.

  2. eric says:

    See how Feddie felt offended and flailed madly at Martina, snarking that she must’ve missed his fab play at WTF while climbing Kilimanjaro.

    Feddie missed the point entirely: she never said he wouldn’t win an odd indoors tourney. Hell, she even said he might win an odd slam, but not reach #1.
    Comprehension skills fail, Fed.

  3. An says:

    Martina was asked by the BBC to tell about a exhibition tournament in Liverpool where she plays against Martina Hingis in june she got some other questions and as we know Martina is not a person to say no comment.
    I heard the interview she said it was difficult for Federer to become number one, she did not say never, Martina said Roger is on the other side of the slope not float and she said he could still win grand slams what is the big deal about that. If Roger gets mad about that, we all should realize what people said and say about Martina that is a lot worse, if Roger got one thousand of the things said about Martina he could be in a constant state of rage. By the way a couple of weeks ago when an English cricketer came out as gay then CNN asked Martina about gays and sport and she did not decline comment either. She will always defend her own community and there are not too many people they can call on that subject so Martina always gives her opinion and because of that and the way she played tennis she may not have to many fans in the USA but they are spread all over the world.

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