Baumer on the Couch; Madhitter in Key Biscayne

Dark clouds, and empty seats, for Sharapova and Stosur. An omen?

Madhitter: I feel like there have been lots of upsets this year. any thoughts on biggest one so far?

The Baumer: donald young’s win over andy murray in indian wells

seemed like a pretty big deal at the time. now it looks like donald trump could beat murray

MH: i think you’re right. think harkleroad was happy for her ex when he beat murray this week?

TB: sure. probably stripped naked in celebration. what about you? biggest upset?

MH: i think trump could beat kuznetsova, too. losing to mchale was pretty rough

TB: doesn’t say much about US tennis when losses to our hopefuls is borderline unacceptable

MH: i know. well, murray lost to the davis cup c team which is about the same caliber as the fed cup a team

TB: what about key biscayne? what’s the feeling down there? can djokovic do no wrong?

MH: djokovic can definitely do no wrong. james blake winning 2 games was an upset in itself. i thought he might get a double bagel

TB: poor james. is he not shaving until he gets a quality win?

MH: he might look like rip van winkle. or are you saying michael russell isn’t a quality win?

TB: it’s definitely an achievement on the qualifying circuit; not sure about main draw honors.

del potro posted a convincing win over soderling.

MH: i was just about to mention him. he’s getting a lot of buzz. but you know how they like the latin community down here.

TB: si. si. and the chicas? any buzz outside of serena’s backside in her banned 2k spot?

MH: how about that shuai peng? she’s tearing it up this year

TB: really?

MH: she’s second in match wins in 2011. take that Li Na

TB: and yet somehow peng has managed to fly under the radar. go figure.

MH: well, we probably won’t see her playing wii tennis with serena anytime soon.

TB: not unless she can fill out a pair of fishnets.

MH: i’m about to head out to watch stosur and sharapova

TB: who’s your pick?

MH: sharapova. it’s kind of windy so i think that’s going to be tough for sam

TB: and maria’s ball toss. Over/under on double faults?

MH: tough. i think there will be 18 in total between the two

TB: I’ll take the over. Beer to the winner. Enjoy.

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