Rain Delay Madness

If you think stadium roofs are unnecessary, simply visit a tournament’s retail store during a rain delay.

I can report that the store I visited this afternoon was complete chaos. Within a few minutes, I saw one woman bump into and knock down a shoe display. Another person tripped over a container of large tennis balls and sent them flying. I turned the corner and spied a woman crouched in a corner trying on a pair of red leggings. She actually removed her pants to try them on. And I don’t even have to describe the meltdowns happening to a couple of toddlers.

But what really creeps me out are child mannequins. Headless or otherwise, they are really disturbing. I snapped this shot to illustrate my point: no child real or fake should have that much sass.

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3 Responses to Rain Delay Madness

  1. Sean M. says:

    Those are some manly legs for a female child mannequin.

  2. yogahz says:

    That skirt looks like it’s on backwards.

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