Serena Tweets In Bra and Panties

When I stand like this my foot feels so much better.

For a brief while yesterday, Serena Williams was tweeting in her briefs. She uploaded a nearly nude photo of herself as the new avatar for her Twitter page. She took it down rather quickly, possibly due to the fact that an alleged stalker was recently arrested outside her home in Florida. I don’t know if the two deserve to be related, but posing in a bra and panties probably won’t discourage such behavior. One thing is certain though: Serena cannot stand to be ignored. The disappointing thing is she can’t think of anything original or clever to draw attention to herself. The only way she seems to know how – outside a tennis court – is by taking her clothes off.

It’s ironic: Anna Kournikova, once seen as the epitome of overexposure in tennis, has rather gracefully represented herself in retirement. A few layouts in lad mags, sure, but she would never do anything like this. It appears Serena will fight a fading spotlight harder than any Grand Slam opponent.

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One Response to Serena Tweets In Bra and Panties

  1. sis says:

    Agree. And it seems Venus did some form of that, too. Remember those “illusion” panties and slits/lacey/bustier/can-can dresses, the moment she hit 30?

    Getting older amidst the throng of young modelly fellow players can get depressing . But trying to compete with them with more nudity can make you ridiculous double quick.

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