Inapollpriate: ATP Player Party

While the women tend to go insane at their player parties, the men typically go for the jeans/untucked shirt look. Something happened in DC this week. While most stuck to the business casual look, a few players were feeling their edge. This week’s inapollpriate question is: Which player’s look is the least offensive?

Bob & Mike Bryan: Bob gave us a clue into his married life by NOT wearing K Swiss! He’s also giving us another clue about married life. Hint: It’s getting easier to tell the two apart.

Kevin Anderson: I think we can add another one to the list

Marcos Baghdatis: This is the kind of shirt that gets scarier the longer you look at it. It’s as if a child took a hit of acid and created a character from the gay leather scene of the 1970s.

Radek Stepanek: Czech Chic. I look at this and immediately hear the Madonna rap from Vogue.

James Blake: Remember in college when everyone discovered MC Escher for the first time? And what’s with the distressing on those jeans? They really lead the eye…






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