Ubiquitennis: Monica Seles

Montel has nothing on you Monica!









What: Monica Seles’ autobiography Getting a Grip! (I like it better with an “!”)

Where: Clay, NY (just outside Syracuse) at a Wegmans grocery store on the bargain books table – 3 for $10!

Tragic-o-meter: Fairly high. Clearly Monica loves her autobiographies, but it’s somewhat ironic that a book about eating disorders and late night pop-tart binges at grocery stores would end up…in a grocery store. And, it’s next to a Montel Williams book about “living well emotionally”, a bunch of learning to read books and something about Jesus. All for $3.33. And no, I didn’t art direct this shoot. Her book was right on top.


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2 Responses to Ubiquitennis: Monica Seles

  1. sally says:

    i saw her first book in an ollie’s for a buck.
    good news, it seems she is now writing another
    book, soon to be seen at another discount

  2. ariennalee says:

    Is it wrong that this post makes me more nostalgic about Wegmans than about Monica? California has a lot of great places to buy food, but Wegmans isn’t one of them. I bet Moncia would love Wegmans.

    Incidentally, I did read that ENTIRE book. My favorite parts: the way her descriptions of Bollettieri’s were the polar opposite of Agassi’s. Where he wrote about cruel taskmasters, thin gruel and prison cells, she lounged in a plush room with as many peanut butter sandwiches as she could eat, and basked in the kindly attention of her elders. Agassi was forced to practice from dawn til dusk. Monica happily worked hard but noticed that Agassi was blessed with talent so natural that he didn’t even have to pick up a raquet to win. Ah, the power of perspective.

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