Don’t Hate the Playa Hate the Game

To her credit, I think Margaret Court understands not hating the playa and hating the game. That’s why she told Martina Navratilova that God loves her, albeit with a caveat: “A wrong doesn’t make a right,” Court explained. And she should know. She’s a Pentecostal minister.

So why is this tall white turkey (thank you Richard Williams) still confused about anger from fans over her bigotry? I don’t think it’s about religion. Instead, I think Fred Stolle nailed it last week when he defended Margaret’s 24 grand slam singles record during Hopman Cup coverage.

Stolle pointed out Margaret doesn’t get the same “all time great” love Martina, Chris and Steffi receive because Court took home 11 Australian Open titles back when they used a draw of 8 (plus a bye) and painted the baseline with vegimite. Margaret, Stolle explained, “beat them all” whenever “all” of them made the trip down under, including Billie Jean King.

He neglected to point out Margaret’s first four Aussie Open titles came at the expense of Jan Lehane O’Neill who won a whopping total of 18 games over those four finals. But it wasn’t Margaret’s fault the draw played out that way; it wasn’t her personal choice to beat poor Jan Lehane O’Neill in the final four years running.

When I listen to Margaret spew her hate speech about homosexuals and how she doesn’t want to discriminate (but wants to discriminate) my mind turns to a familiar slogan her people like to use: WWJD.

But the “J’ in this case is Jack Torrance from The Shining who pretty much said the same thing as Margaret when his wife Wendy was swinging a bat at him. It went something like this: “Wendy? Darling? Light of my life, I’m not gonna hurt ya…I’m just going to bash your brains in. Gonna bash ‘em right the fuck in.”

In other words, go fuck yourself Margaret.








The Serena Shelf or How to Keep Relevant

Speaking of haters, what’s up with Serena not showing the love? No tennis love, no love of sports (way to rub salt in the Dolphins’ wounds, Serena) and the biggest shocker of them all: no more love of meat. That’s right, Serena is going raw – vegan, that is. Let’s face it: The shelf that Ronald McDonald built is in serious danger of collapsing if it is fueled only by seeds and sprouts.

But I suspect something deeper than solidarity with sister Venus who turned to a vegan diet after discovering she has Sjogren’s Syndrome. Serena is looking in good shape these days so she doesn’t need a weight loss program. Besides, Jennifer Hudson signed up with Weight Watchers and then Janet Jackson went to Nutrisystem. What’s left? There is no way Serena is following Carrie Fisher at Jenny Craig. Serena probably has her eye on being a vegan spokesperson. Maybe Serena and Bill Clinton can partner up.


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