A Nelly Olson Australian Open








I’m still thinking about the Australian Open. While exciting at times, was there really much that we haven’t seen before? In fact, it felt a little bit of a tournament Nellie Olson would have loved; a “See, i told you so” kind of event.






I told you Samantha Stosur would lose again

Is Stosur the Frankenstein to Amelie Mauresmo’s Tarzan and Jennifer Capriati’s Tonto? After losing for the umpteenth time at her home slam, Stosur sounded downright Mauresmo about the whole thing. Only Capriati really gave a glimpse into her disappointment.

Said Stosur after her loss to Sorana Cirstea: “Yeah, there’s not any other word for it but a total disappointment.”

Said Mauresmo after losing to Jana Kandarr in 2001: “It is one of my greatest disappointments.”

Said Capriati after losing to Elena Dementieva: “I mean, of course when I came off the court, you know, I just felt like the whole world was coming down on me. You know, just my heart was being ripped out.”

(in Aussie accent) I'm standing on a puddle of piss

ChampagneUhhhhhhhhhhhh (sound of her grunt)











I told you the Australian Open is better than the US Open

What’s with these trophy photo ops? Someone, anyone please find a stylist and a location scout pronto! At least Azarenka got some champagne and didn’t have to look like Raggedy Ann.

I told you the grunting story would never go away

I often found myself switching between The Real Housewives’ series and The Australian Open. I don’t have ADD but I do get bored easily. This special nugget from The Real Housewives of Atlanta made me think: if grunting were a language, is this how Azarenka and Sharapova would speak to one another off-court?

I told you Steffi Graf didn’t retire








Does Christina McHale have a Poltergeist connection? Does it bode well for the future (present) of American women’s tennis?

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