Maria Sharapova Twitter Feed Found








Until Maria Sharapova completed her grand slam resume last Saturday by winning Roland Garros, the biggest news about her was another title missing from her collection: Twitter handle. Sharapova just couldn’t understand how anyone could or would find anything about her daily life interesting.

But she lied. We were able to track down the overlooked Maria Sharapova twitter feed (handle: OVAKILL). And she’s right: it was boring. But there were a few good nuggets in there. Below find the abridged tweets of Maria Sharapova during her French Open title run.

OVAKILL: OK – How about Already Gone? (I looked up Kelly Clarkson songs) RT@serenawilliams OK – so Stronger by Kelly Clarkson will be my pump-up song b4 my 1st match!

OVAKILL: @ARadwanska brings her change of clothing into the shower stall. #prude

OVAKILL: This tournament is so boring. I just made up a joke: What’s the worst part of dating American girls? They’re only good for one round! LOL!! #startbraggingwhenyouhaveteninthesecondweek.

OVAKILL: True Confession: I used to think Cole Haan was Asian! And then I thought he was gay. Is he even a man? #flatsobviously

OVAKILL: I love eating pasta #boredyet?


OVAKILL: People say I have an easy draw. How about wildcards? I just looked it up and they are guaranteed $18000 Euro – for not having a ranking!

OVAKILL: Did you know if you hit the ground when falling in a dream it means you’re dead.

OVAKILL: Petra-fied. Petra-fried; Should have KVIT while you were ahead.

OVAKILL: That Errani is so cute! She reminds me of a woodlands critter – in a good way!

OVAKILL: I bet I don’t show from behind when I’m pregnant.

OVAKILL: I think I should be called Chantal. After all, I’m 6’2”. Get it?

OVAKILL: Cedric Pioline touched me. I need a shower.

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