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Nadal’s Foot Speaks Out

Let’s get this straight: I’m not broken, fractured, or even overly calloused. I’m stressed. Period. I don’t need a walking boot, I need a shrink. When Rafa says he wants to relax and put his feet on the couch, take … Continue reading

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Deconstructing Roger

After suffering another untimely defeat the questions gain volume and credibility: Has the alarm sounded on his career clock? Is he capable of winning another Slam? Is the monogrammed hat passe? Not only is Roger Federer’s reign over, never to … Continue reading

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Sam Querrey: Born Under A Bad Sign

Tennis Gods: It’s not your fault, Sam. Sam Querrey: Really? Because I’m pretty sure it was me who stunk up the court against Robredo in Palm Springs. TG: No, that’s totally on you. Losing 6-1, 6-3 in your home state … Continue reading

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McEnroe vs. Lendl: A Rivalry For The Aged

It almost seemed scripted: the tempestuous, innately-talented American net-rusher taking on the stoic, methodical Czech baseliner. The contrasts between John McEnroe and Ivan Lendl made the two players perfect foils. For a dozen years, totaling 36 matches, they battled each … Continue reading

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Another Game For Milos

Milos Raonic come on down. You’re the next contestant on: who’s the next big thing in tennis. It’s a kneejerk game that’s fun to play whenever a young player upsets a top seed, wins a tournament or dates a supermodel. … Continue reading

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Oy Vey Maria

The first round of Fed Cup came and went this past weekend. Unless you’re a women’s tennis diehard (I’m looking at you, Madhitter), it’s a challenge to find anything resembling drama in what transpired. For one thing it coincided with … Continue reading

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Murray’s Lament

Andy Murray is the Tin Man. When you cut through all the media-speak, that’s the basic assessment of his underwhelming performance in the Aussie Open final. Call it nerves, lack of guts, the burden of expectations, or being British, it’s … Continue reading

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