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Rafa’s Knee Plays Defense

So now it’s my fault again. Last July it was his foot, but this summer we’re back at the familiar frailty refrain: Rafa’s knee just can’t handle the pounding. The guy is a mere sturdy tendon away from being the … Continue reading

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Tsonga Cuts Footloose

In an unusual act of cross-the-aisle solidarity, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga has decided to retire his trademark post-match spinning, hopping, gesticulating victory dance. Tsonga told reporters after his first round, four-set win over Denis Istomin in Melbourne, that upon hearing of Andrea … Continue reading

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The Curse of the Australian Open Hangover

Andy Murray is two-for-two. He has reached two consecutive Australian Open finals, got trounced in each, and lost his game in the aftermath. Murray’s poor performances have been attributed to a hollow constitution; his ensuing malaises hardly refute the diagnosis. … Continue reading

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Murray’s Lament

Andy Murray is the Tin Man. When you cut through all the media-speak, that’s the basic assessment of his underwhelming performance in the Aussie Open final. Call it nerves, lack of guts, the burden of expectations, or being British, it’s … Continue reading

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Baumer on Couch Texting Madhitter in Melbourne

The Baumer: Who do you like tonight? Madhitter: Hoping for Li but my gut says Clijsters. TB: Feels like it. MH: I like it when they say “Li Leads.” Clijsters is mean. TB: Why? She’s everybody’s sweetheart. MH: Did you … Continue reading

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Help! I can’t find any of the people behind me!

My friends and I were confronted by this lost tourist today trying to find her way to a hotel. It seemed too poignant a picture to pass up: lost tourist in front of all those favorites who lost – or … Continue reading

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Square Dancing With Pennetta, Dulko, Azarenka and Kirilenko

Watching the women’s doubles championship between winners Flavia Pennetta and Gisela Dulko and the runners-up Maria Kirilenko and Victoria Azarenka I kept hearing a square dancing caller in my head. It went something like this: Partners on court! Get up … Continue reading

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